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          Current Post-Docs

          Dr. Alexander Lustrecieved his PhD in 2007 at Universität Bielefeld, member of the work group since November 2009
          Boqiang Huangrecieved his PhD in 2010 at Fudan University, Shanghai, member of the work group since December 2010
Past Post-Docs
Dr. Konstantinos Chrysafinos
recieved his PhD in 2002 at Iowa State University (supervised by Prof. Max Gunzburger), member of the workgroup from July 2004 to March 2006
Dr. Jan Maes
recieved his PhD in 2006 at KU Leuven, member of the workgroup from December 2005 to February 2006

Dr. habil. Sören Kraußhar

Habilitation 2004 at RWTH Aachen, member of the workgroup from October 2009 to September 2010
Current Doctorate Students
Dipl. Math. Roland Pabel
Wavelet Methods for Elliptic Control Problems with Dirichlet Boundary Control (working title)
Dipl. Math. Christian Mollet
Disordered Semiconductor Quantum Wires: Adaptive Solution of the Instationary Electronic Schrödinger Equation based on Wavelets (working title)
Past Doctorate Students
         Dr. Gabriela Jager

Approximate Continuation of Harmonic Functions in Geodesy: A Weighted Least-Squares Approach Based on Splines with Extension to the Multiscale Adaptive Case (November 2010)

Dr. Carsten Burstedde
Carsten's success in the US: Front Cover of Science, Daily Texan Online, Texas Advanced Computing Center, Shlashdot News, Getting on the Cover of Science by UT
Fast Optimised Wavelet Methods for Control Problems Constrained by Elliptic PDEs
URN: urn:nbn:de:hbz:5N-06826 (Oktober 2005)
Dr. Daniel Castaño Diez
Adaptive Scattered Data Fitting with Tensor Product Spline Wavelets
URN: urn:nbn:de:hbz:5n-04880 (February 2005)
Dr. Joseph D. K. Intsiful
Development of an Optimal Parameter Estimation Algorithm for Soil--Vegetation--Atmosphere--Transfer Interactions in the Volta Basin by Inverse Modelling (June 2004)
Current Diploma Students
Florian Kossak

Different Approaches in Shape Optimization (working title)

Kristina Rupp

Valuation of Companies under the Influence of Taxes

Thomas Dasch

Multiskalenanalyse für Zeitreihen aus dem Finanzwesen

Arnd Deckers

Wavelet Filtering for the Exact Controllability of the Wave Equation: Extension to the Multivariate Case (working title)

Michael Heindl

Adaptive Waveletmethoden zur Lösung hyperbolischer Erhaltungsgleichungen mit Anwendungen auf Verkehrsprobleme (working title)

Past Diploma Students
Dipl. Math. Florian Stapel

Space-Time Tree-Based Adaptive Wavelet Methods for Parabolic PDEs (March 2011)

Dipl. Math. Christian Mollet

Excitonic Eigenstates in Disordered Semiconductor Quantum Wires: Adaptive Computation of Eigenvalues for the Electronic Schrödinger Equation based on Wavelets (March 2011)

Dipl. Math. Johann Rudi

Empirical Mode Decomposition via adaptiver Wavelet-Approximation (April 2010)

Dipl. Math. Philipp Strack

Multiskalen-Primal-Dual-Active-Set-Methoden zur Lösung restringierter Probleme über partiellen Differentialgleichungen (October 2008)

Dipl. Math. Benjamin Frowein
Adaptive Finite Elemente für Optimierungsprobleme mit elliptischen partiellen Differentialgleichungen
(May 2008)

Dipl. Math. Christian Schneider
Multiskalenmethoden zur Bewertung Amerikanischer Optionen mit stochastischer Volatilität
(April 2008)

Dipl. Math. Robin Koch
Analyse multivariater Daten: Konstruktion monogener Clifford-Algebra-wertiger Funktionen mittels Empirical Mode Decomposition basierend auf adaptiven kubischen Spline-Wavelets und der Riesz-Transformation
(March 2008)

Dipl. Math. Holger Hoffmann
Waveletmethoden für Optimierungsprobleme über elliptischen partiellen Differentialgleichungen mit Kontrollrestriktion
(March 2007)

Dipl. Math. Roland Pabel
Wavelet Methods for Elliptic Control Problems with Dirichlet Boundary Control
(December 2005)

Dipl. Math. Jürgen Braun
Numerische Berechnung von komplexen Lichtmasken zur atomaren Nanofabrikation
(July 2004)

Dipl. Math. Markus Holtz
Konstruktion B--Spline--basierter monotoner Multigrid--Verfahren zur Bewertung amerikanischer Optionen
(May 2004)

Dipl. Math. Julian Krumsdorf
Finite Element Wavelets for the Numerical Solution of Elliptic Partial Differential Equations on Polygonal Domains
(January 2004)

Dipl. Math. Susanne Röhrig
Elevation Data -- Mathematical Modeling and Efficient Encoding based on Level Lines
(September 2003)

Dipl. Math. Jan Sahner
On the Optimized Construction of Wavelets on Manifolds
(September 2003)

Past Master Students
Manuel Richert
Adaptive Finite Elemente für elliptische Kontrollprobleme (April 2011)

Seminars with Graduate Students

Blockseminar Port Zélande 2003
Blockseminar Burg Blankenheim 2002
Blockseminar Burg Blankenheim 2001

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