Angela Kunoth - Research Interests

Poster of Working Group Kunoth as of February 2011

o Numerical Analysis of PDEs: Wavelet and multiscale techniques for the numerical solution of elliptic partial differential equations,
    in particular: treatment of boundary conditions and boundaries, fictitious domain methods, preconditioning, least squares methods, adaptive methods

o Numerical Analysis of Control Problems: above approaches for the numerical solution of control problems with PDE constraints

o Approximation Theory: Construction of biorthogonal wavelets and multiwavelets on bounded domains; Approximation of Digital Terrain Elevation Data; Optimal encoding; Approximation by ridge functions

o Computer Aided Geometric Design, Statistics: Curve and surface fitting of nonuniformly distributed data and data with outliers by adaptive wavelets with smoothing

o Numerical Analysis of Inverse Problems: Mathematical modelling and numerical simulations for the lithographic generation of nanostructures

o Numerical Analysis of Problems in Computational Finance: Option pricing computations by multiscale methods

o Numerical Analysis of Problems in Micromagnetics: Simulation of thin-film ferromagnetic elements

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