Annual Workshop on Hypercomplex Analysis and Applications - 19.2./20.2.2010 Universität Paderborn

Local organizers:

Sören Kraußhar, Angela Kunoth

Date: 19.-20. February 2010

Place: Universität Paderborn.

Friday lectures: Institute of Mathematics, Universität Paderborn, Warburger Str. 100, Room A3-301 (Main Building - Building Part A, 3rd floor).

Saturday lectures: Conference Room of the IBZ Jenny Aloni Gästehaus Campus Universität Paderborn (right over the villa V of the international office)

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List of Participants

Timetable and Abstract booklet

Aims and Topics:

This international workshop brings together both established scientists as well as young researchers in the field of hypercomplex analysis, its applications and related topics. It is a continuation of the series of annual workshops previously held in Prague (December 2008), Weimar (November 2007) and Freiberg (January 2007).Hypercomplex analysis methods have attracted continuously more and more interest in view of its wide range of applications to complex systems of partial differential equations and problems from mathematical physics and differential geometry.

The following specific topics are included:

  • development of new methods in higher dimensional function theories and harmonic analysis
  • applications of hypercomplex analysis methods to PDE of fluid dynamics, electromagnetism, MHD and quantum mechanics
  • development of new efficient numerical methods for higher dimensional PDEs
  • construction of new classes of wavelets in Rn and on manifolds and applications to image and signal processing
  • hypercomplex integral transforms in texture analysis
  • applications of Dirac operators in geometry and mathematical physics
  • representation theory of Clifford algebras
  • Dirac operators of higher spin

Other related topics and complementary contributions are welcome as well.

In this workshop we plan to discuss latest results and future research projects to intensify collaboration. 

There will be no registration fee.

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