Paderborn Representation Theory Group: Publications

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Here are some publications by students from Paderborn:

  1. Karsten Schmidt, The endofinite spectrum of a tame algebra, Journal of Algebra 279 (2004), 771-790.
  2. Birgit Huber, Realisabity and Localisation, PhD thesis (2007). PDF
  3. Kristian Brüning, Igor Burban, Coherent sheaves on an elliptic curve. In Interactions between homotopy theory and algebra, Contemporary Mathematics (2007).
  4. Kristian Brüning, Subcategories of Triangulated Categories and the Smashing Conjecture, PhD thesis (2007). PDF
  5. Kristian Brüning, Thick subcategories of the derived category of a hereditary algebra, Homology, Homotopy Appl. (2007). PDF
  6. Karsten Schmidt, Auslander-Reiten theory for simply connected differential graded algebras, PhD thesis (2007). PDF
  7. Kristian Brüning, Birgit Huber, Realising Smashing Localisations as Morphisms of DG Algebras, Applied Categorical Structures (2008).
  8. Karsten Schmidt, Families of Auslander-Reiten components for simply connected differential graded algebras, Mathematische Zeitschrift, 264 (2010), 43-62.

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