1. Bielefeld - Paderborn Representation Theory Workshop
In Paderborn on Saturday 6 December 2003.



09:30 - 10:00   Coffee
10:00 - 11:00   Silvana Bazzoni (Padova)
    1-Tilting cotorsion pairs
11:15 - 12:15   Lutz Hille (Hamburg)
    On the derived category of coherent sheaves on a smooth projective toric variety
12:15 - 13:45   Lunch
13:45 - 14:45   Hagen Meltzer (Stettin)
    Exceptional modules for tubular canonical algebras
15:00 - 16:00   Hideto Asashiba (Osaka)
    Domestic canonical algebras and simple Lie algebras
16:15 - 17:15   Øyvind Solberg (Trondheim)
    Support varieties for complexes
17:30 - 18:30   Markus Reineke (Wuppertal)
    Non-commutative Hilbert schemes and representations of free algebras

Abstracts and Bazzoni's presentation are available here, single picture


The workshop takes place in the seminar room D1.320 in part D of the university building on the first floor. Here are two maps:

  • Location of the university
  • University building

Note that only the main entrance of the building will be open on a weekend. There are two train stations. The central station "Hauptbahnhof" is about 5 km away from the university. There is a regular bus sevice between "Hauptbahnhof" and "Universität". The station "Kasseler Tor" is in walking distance (about 20 minutes) at the lower end of the Warburger Strasse (i.e. towards the city center from the university); it is only served by local trains.

About the Workshop

This workshop is a joint activity of the representation theory groups in Bielefeld and Paderborn. Please contact members of these groups for further details. The local organisers in Paderborn are Henning Krause and Helmut Lenzing.

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