Angela Kunoth - Short Curriculum Vitae

oStudy of Mathematics at Universität Bielefeld, Germany (1982-1990), Diploma in Mathematics in 1990.
o Assistant at Freie Universität Berlin (1990).
o Study (Fulbright Scholar) and Assistant at the University of South Carolina, USA (1990-1991).
o Ph.D. student (Grant from the Graduiertenkolleg ``Algorithmische Diskrete Mathematik'') at Freie Universität Berlin (1991-1994), Dr. rer.nat. 1994.
o Research Assistant at SINTEF, Oslo, Norway (6 months, 1994).
o DFG-Project ``Multiscale Methods for Operator Equations'' at the Weierstrass-Institut for Applied Analysis and Stochastics, Berlin (1994-1997).
o Associate Research Scientist at the Institute for Scientific Computation, Texas A&M University, College Station, USA (6 months, 1995).
o June 1997 - September 1999: Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin at RWTH Aachen.
o October 1999 - October 2007 : C3 (Associate) Professor, Institut für Angewandte Mathematik, Universität Bonn.
o June 2000 : Habilitation, RWTH Aachen.
o August 2003- : Associate Editor for Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics
o December 2003- : Editor for SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis
o April 2004- : Editor for Numerische Mathematik
o July 2007-July 2012 : Editor for Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences
o October 2007 - September 2013: W3 (Full) Professor, Chair Complex Systems, Institut für Mathematik, Universität Paderborn
o December 2007- : Editor for Advances in Adaptive Data Analysis (AADA)
o April 2010-July 2012: Director of the Institut für Mathematik, and Vice-Dean, Faculty for Electrotechnics, Computer Science and Mathematics, Universität Paderborn
o 2011 - : Board of Directors of Foundation of Computational Mathematics
o Spring 2012 - : Editor for SIAM/ASA Journal on Uncertainty Quantification
o November 2012 - : Editor for Mathematics, MDPI
o Since October 2013: W3 (Full) Professor, Chair for Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Institute, University of Cologne
o 2015 - : Secretary/Vice-Chair of Foundation of Computational Mathematics

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