Important information for prospective Ph.D. students from abroad

Traditionally, PhD candidates in german universities are not part of a class of graduate students, but work with a single PhD advisor. The financing is either via teaching positions or research grants coming from various sources.

Regardless of financing, the association with a PhD advisor is crucial for being admitted and for the research project. Even if candidates bring their own resources it is indispensible to be accepted by a faculty member as a PhD student before they can be enrolled. Thus, before applying to be enrolled as a PhD student in our university one should check out the research fields present and specifically contact a researcher with whom one wants to work. Once a prospective advisor is found one can search for financing options (e.g. RTGs, DAAD grants) and file official applications.

Committee Members
  • Prof. Dr. P. Bürgisser (Chairman)
  • Prof. Dr. M. Dellnitz (Vice Chairman)
  • Prof. Dr. P. Bender
  • Dr. T.Pecher
  • Benjamin Letschert

Contact Person

Christian Fleischhack

Office: D1.201

Phone: +49 5251 60-2628


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