Friday, 11. May 2007

Relegated or champion? The Institute for Industrial Mathematics helps predict German Bundesliga outcomes.

With this soccer seasons' last matches coming up, for many soccer fans
it's time to keep fingers crossed: Will their team be relegated, or stay
in the first league? Also the fight for the championship and for the
ranks qualifying for international competitions is anything but finished.
It is however a difficult task to find out which placings are indeed
still possible for the individual teams, as potential influences of
all remaining matches of all the teams have to be considered.
Mathematicians at the University of Paderborn have now developed a
league table calculator which determines this information with one
keypress and presents the results online.

The largest German sports internet portal uses data that are
computed in the Institute for Industrial Mathematics (IFIM) for its
coverage of the German Bundesliga. To make all the results accessible, has extended its website
On this page, until the end of the current season up-to-date results
calculated by the IFIM for the first and second league are presented to
the broad public.

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