Montag, 25. Juni 2012

Kolloquiumsvortrag von Prof. Dr. Dirk Blömker

Amplitude equations: Natural slow-fast systems for SPDEs

Am Montag, dem 25. Juni 2012 hält 

Prof. Dr. Dirk Blömker (Universität Augsburg)

um 16:45 Uhr im Hörsaal D2 einen Vortrag mit dem Thema

"Amplitude equations: Natural slow-fast systems for SPDEs"

Zu dieser Veranstaltung sind alle Interessenten herzlich eingeladen.

Um 16:15 Uhr trifft man sich zur Begrüßung des Gastes bei Tee und Kaffee im Besprechungsraum D2.343.


We consider systems near a change of stability (bifurcation). Due to the natural separation of time-scales into the slow dominant pattern and the remaining fast moving modes, the essential dynamics can be reduced to simpler equations, the so called amplitude equations.

In the talk we give an introduction to the topic and comment on the connection to  random invariant manifolds. For simplicity of presentation, we focus only on the stochastic Swift-Hohenberg equation, which is a toy model for the convective instability in the model of Rayleigh and Benard.

As an application of the theory we present results on the stabilization of the dominant behaviour due to highly degenerate noise, that maps back onto the dominant pattern due to non-linear interaction.

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