Montag, 24. Juni 2013

Kolloquiumsvortrag von Prof. Dr. Helmut Harbrecht

Modelling and simulation of elliptic PDEs on random domains

Am Montag, dem 24. Juni 2013 hält 

Prof. Dr. Helmut Harbrecht (Universität Basel)

um 16:45 Uhr im Hörsaal D2 einen Vortrag mit dem Thema

"Modelling and simulation of elliptic PDEs on random domains"

Zu dieser Veranstaltung sind alle Interessenten herzlich eingeladen.

Um 16:15 Uhr trifft man sich zur Begrüßung des Gastes bei Tee und Kaffee im Besprechungsraum D2.343.


We consider the numerical solution of elliptic boundary value problems on random domains. The proposed method computes the mean and the variance of the random solution with leading order in the amplitude of the random boundary perturbation relative to an unperturbed, nominal domain. The variance is computed as the trace of the solution's two-point correlation which satisfies a deterministic boundary value problem on the tensor product of the nominal domain. We solve this moderate high-dimensional problem by either a low-rank approximation by means of the pivoted Cholesky decomposition or the combination technique. Both approaches are presented and compared by numerical experiments with respect to their efficiency.

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