Dienstag, 26. Januar 2010

Kolloquiumsvortrag von Prof. Dr. P. Oswald

Titel des Vortrags: Nonlinear Multi-Scale Transforms

Am Dienstag, dem 26. Januar 2010 hält 

Prof. Dr. P. Oswald (Jacobs-Uni Bremen)

um 18:00 Uhr im Hörsaal D2 einen Vortrag mit dem Thema

"Nonlinear Multi-Scale Transforms"

Zu dieser Veranstaltung sind alle Interessenten herzlich eingeladen.

Um 17:30 Uhr trifft man sich zur Begrüßung des Gastes bei Tee und Kaffee im Besprechungsraum D2.343.


In the last decade, a good number of nonlinear multi-scale transforms have been introduced, where the prolongation and/or restriction operators for information exchange between the scales are nonlinear. Motivation comes from image processing (edge detection), robust denoising (use of median filters rather than linear averages), intrinsic representation of curves/surfaces/manifolds, compression and adaptive algorithms.
In the talk, I will give some univariate examples (nonlinear multi-scale representation of scalar functions and curves) of such transforms, and introduce to their analysis. In contrast to linear multi-scale transforms, stability (robustness with respect to small perturbations) becomes an independent issue. Time permitting, I will also touch a specific scheme, called normal multiresolution, which has been invented for geometry compression.

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